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Name :- Ram Narayan Kapari
Email :- nknischhal9@gmail.com
Hello friends,

My name is Ram Narayan Kapri I live in Janakpur City, Nepal.

I started a website to keep everyone up to date with the news of being a journalist and this khabari news is a local news Blog which will give you a lot of new information and from this you will get some new information like Hindi local news, state News, health news, political news, sports news as well as this website will also give you special article news.
Any content on this site is not copied and not You can use it for your commercial.

Einer website name mission

The mission of this blog is to share the best Hindi news information and reach the people who have interest in the news and if they like to keep information about the latest news in Hindi, then this website is very helpful for them. With the help of this site, you can keep up to date news information. If you want to comment from me and get some information, You can take information by commenting on it.
About us:- 
Name- Ram Narayan Kapari
City- Janakpurdham
State-province 2 Nepal
contact:- nknischhal9@gmail.com

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